Uno Lady, the 2018 recipient of support from the Panza Foundation, is set to release a new album in January. Funded in part by Spaces Gallery's Urgent Art Fund, Uno Lady's new album accompanies a short film. The album and film explore mindfulness mantras, soothing songs, and guided meditations for busy minds.

The album is self-produced and drops on January 12th. The film will be released on YouTube December 14th.

Uno lady grounded

Album Tracklist:

1. Thinking About Thinking
2. Ways We Wish The World Was
3. Ditch Resistance
4. Wash Away All of Your Worries, Part 1
5. Breathe (Meditation Guided by LaToya Kent)
6. Chill Out For One Minute
7. Here Now
8. Binaural Bees, Theta Pattern
9. Meditación (Guided by Erica Snowden-Rodríguez)
10. Wash Away All of Your Worries, Part 2
11. Awaken the Peace Within
12. Surrender From the Battle of Self Defeat
13. Know You Are Loved
14. Open Your Heart
15. You’ll Pull Through
16. Four-Square Breathing Box
17. What Brings You Joy? Dogs, Cats, Food, and Laughs
18. I Like Getting To Know You
19. Good Vibe
20. You Are Love (Meditation Guided by LaToya Kent)