For the better part of 2020, Weird Cleveland has looked and felt like just about everybody else looks and feels this year... tired, warn out, and not all that much going on. It's been a hard year, and this winter isn't likely to be much better. But I've set my heart on longing for a future where we might start to gather again, and to that end the site has been rebuilt from the ground up. Let's take a quick tour.

Events Calendar

The heart of Weird Cleveland has and will always be its events calendar. The events that get listed vary widely—I'm just as likely to list a punk show at Now That's Class as I am a séance at the House of Wills. But the calendar is not a dumping ground for everything happening in the city. The events I feature here are hand-picked and lovingly curated for those of us who thrive in the margins. If it's on Weird Cleveland, it has my completely arbitrary stamp of approval.

I'm relaunching the site in the middle of a national health emergency, and as I type this we're a few days away from most of the city's venues being shut down for a yet-to-be-determined amount of time. But I wanted the site to be live before things started getting back to normal so that we can all show up to support the venues as they continue to experiment with live streams and distanced events.

All that is to say that the calendar will be a li'l sparse for the next couple of months, but the events that get posted are kind of a big deal.


I'm also going to be doing a lot more long-form writing here on the site in addition to running the events list. You're reading the first post right now. You can see new posts over on the articles page.


I've added a list of all the venues that have events featured on the site. The venues are sorted by the number of events we're currently featuring at each space, and you can also filter by category (Music, Art, Film, Theatre, and Everything Else). You can click through to each venue's listing here on Weird Cleveland to see that space's events, a map, and a link to their website.

User Submissions

You can now submit events to the site... from the site. They get put in a queue for moderation and will be colorfully edited by yours truly. For you serious public relations folks out there, feel free to fill out the submission form meticulously. But if filling out said form isn't, like, a part of your job? None of the fields are required. Just a link or a quick note will do. I mostly just want to give Weird Cleveland's devoted audience a space to promote their thing.


That's about it for the moment. We've got a community to put back together in the coming months, and Weird Cleveland is back and trying to do its small part, but in the meantime... Wear your fucking masks and stay safe out there.