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This event took place on Friday, Dec 18, 2020

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Join the Northeast Ohio Party for Socialism and Liberation and Black Spring Cleveland as we dive deep into Octavia Butler's "Parables" series.

In "Parable of the Sower", Lauren Oya Olamina escapes a society that "has largely collapsed due to climate change, growing wealth inequality, and corporate greed" to establish a new society, Earthseed.

"Parable of the Talents" describes the struggle of Earthseed against "Christian America" a fascist society that reinstitues slavery under a president whose slogan is "Make America Great Again". We hope you will join us for what is sure to be an interesting conversation on a timely literary series!

December 4th: Parable of the Talents 1-11
December 18th: Parable of the Talents 12-22

Octavia Butler (1947 - 2006) was an Afro-futurist science fiction writer whose work often centered on the critique of hierarchy and the establishment of alternative communities. Her work received numerous literary awards and she was the first science-fiction writer to be awarded the MacArthur Award.

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