Four futures

Four Futures

A trans-media project presented in multiple formats, both in-person and online

Maelstrom Collaborative Arts
Oct 28 - Nov 07

Event Details

Four Futures is a trans-media project exploring potential societies in a post-capitalist world. Inspired by the premise of Peter Frase’s book Four Futures, this project will imagine how the intersection of climate change and advances in automation will reshape the world in the coming centuries and explore the lives of people living in these vastly different landscapes. A team of 30 artists are collaborating on this work in two different formats—digital and in-person—to tell these sprawling stories using performance, comics, visual design, interactive fiction, and other interdisciplinary formats.


A digital portal linking to interactive stories, videos, audio, digital zines, and more. Patrons will receive a code giving them access to the web portal.


A gallery of video, sound, and visual art exploring each future in physical detail. The gallery will be open for several hours, allowing patrons to explore the work at their leisure (total occupancy will be limited to 15 at any time)

Venue Details

Maelstrom Collaborative Arts

5403 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102

Theatre and Performing Arts Space in Gordon Square

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