Night Terrors

This event took place on Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021

Event Details

Night Terrors is an experimental collaboration between electric guitarist Tim Mirth and percussionist Paul Stranahan. They aim to create a template of soundscapes and movements to take one through some kind of hazy, often scary, dream. Their music morphs in and out of free form improvisations and intricate compositions by both members. They draw on their many influences from avant-garde to jazz to metal. Their instruments also allow a broad scope of sounds and textures using Tim's many electronic effects on the guitar and Paul's many gongs from China, Korea, Vietnam and Tibetan singing bowls as well as drum set.

Venue Details

This is an online event

The Bop Stop

2920 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

Contemporary, upscale venue showcasing a variety of professional & emerging jazz artists.

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