Oliver parker

Oliver Parker

Rumors of Con Con's death have been greatly exaggerated

Convergence Continuum
Aug 20 - Sep 11

Event Details

Written by Elizabeth Meriwhether
Directed by Tom Kondilas

An unlikely and uncomfortable friendship exists between old-man alcoholic Jasper and socially awkward 17-year-old Oliver Parker. Living in squalor in a decrepit New York apartment owned by Oliver, Jasper just wants to be left alone -- but Oliver, determined to use the apartment in his quest to get laid, loses patience with his pathetic existence very quickly. Shady dealings involving a grieving politician and her ambitious assistant Agnes only increase the tension between them, and soon buried shame and secrets bubble to the surface. Sharply funny and keenly tragic, Oliver Parker! is anything but a typical coming-of-age story

Venue Details

Convergence Continuum

2438 Scranton Rd #4314, Cleveland, OH 44113

Small queer theatre space in Tremont

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